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AVAILABLE  GRAINFATHER CONNECT an all grain brewing system $1300.00  To see how it works, click the following link

Products available for keg sets - Carbonation cap/Beer line cleaning device/Counter bottle filler devise.  Use to carbonate, wash beer lines our or to counter pressure bottle fill.

Watch these videos for more details

Carbonation Cap/Beer Line Cleaning Devise:

Counter Bottle Filler Devise: 

We stock an excellent range of Beer Kits from budget priced right up to premium beers for the connoisseurs which include:- Black Rock, Beer Makers, Morgans, Coopers and Walls.     We are sure you will find a beer to suit your taste.

The BLACK ROCK Brewing Company uses traditional methods to create natural beers and produce the taste and clarity demanded by home brewers batch after batch.

Their 1.7 kg range is $18.50 and includes:- Colonial Lager, Lager, New Zealand Draught, New Zealand Bitter,  Mexican Lager, East India Pale Ale Export Pilsner, Nut Brown Ale, Dry Lager, Pilsner Blonde, Whispering Wheat, Miners Stout and Bock.

Golden Ale $24.00

CRAFTED SERIES - $27.00 Coriander and Orange Witbier, Riwaka Pale Ale, New Wakatu Pilsner and American Pale Ale

Also Black Rock Apple Cider $24.00

BEERMAKERS is one of Australia's favourite beers with home brewers.  The Beermakers premium 1.7kg range is $16.50 and includes Draught, Lager, XXX Bitter, Cold and Old.



Available now - Apple Cider, Pear Cider, Strawberry & Pear Cider, Mixed Berry Cider, Raspberry & Lime, Blue Berry, Raspberry & Mango and Passion & Peach


The 1.5 kg imported range is $19.50 and includes:- Munich Lager, Bavarian Wheat, Czech Pilsner, Dutch Lager and Mexican Cerveza. 


The Australian range is $15.50 and includes:-  Australian Classic Bitter, Australian Classic Blonde Dry and Australian Classic Lager

MORGANS Brewing is an Australian company that is based in Beenleigh, Queensland.  Their dedication to producing a superior quality product has ensured that brewers are able to make beers of outstanding quality.

MORGANS was originally made for export to the U.S.A.  They have a unique range of beer kits and speciality malts.  1.7 kg cans are $17.50 and include:- Stockmans Draught, Cortez Cervesa,  Blue Mountain Lager, Golden Sheaf Wheat, Iron  Dark Ale, Dockside Stout, Royal Oak Amber Ale and Golden Saaz Pilsner.


Queenslander Bitter:- formulated to brew a bitter beer that Queensland drinkers have come to enjoy.

Queenslander Lager:- A smooth lightly malted lager, ideal for a warmer climate.

Queenslander Gold:- A light refreshing style that can be enjoyed at a lower alcohol strength while still maintaining that full bodied taste that brewers prefer.


Australian Bitter:- This bitter is a subtle sweeter style of bitter, very similar to V.B.

Australian Draught:- For those drinkers who enjoy a Tooheys Draught.

Australian Lager:- This is very similar to Australians favourite lager, Fosters.

Australian Old Ale:- This is a full flavoured and full bodied dark ale.

Gold:- A full flavoured mid strength beer.

Blonde:- Specially formulated lower carb beer with full flavour.


Frontier IPA:-  Golden caramel colour with floral aromas and intense fitter finish.

Pacific Pale Ale:-  Rich amber colour with full malt character.  A highly refreshing hop aroma and a clean bite.

       Australian Made       



        COOPERS  Lager, Draught, Real Ale, Stout and Old Dark Ale 1.7 kg kits are $14.00




COOPERS INTERNATIONAL Mexican, Australian Pale Ale, European Larger, English Bitter, Irish Stout and Canadian Blonde kits are $17.50



THOMAS COOPERS CRAFT SERIES  These include:  86 Days Pilsner, Bootmaker Pale Ale, Brew A IPA, Devils Half Ruby Porter, Family Secret Amber Ale, Innkeepers Daughter Sparkling, Preacher's HefeWheat and Golden Crown Lager.  $20.00

COOPERS  MALT  $13.50  includes: Light, Amber, Wheat and Dark

Australian Made

WALS  Each kit has specially selected finishing hops, matched to the style, added to the can to give an "added hoppy kick" to the finished brew.  They are made in Australia and are $20.50 each and include:-  Pilsner, Bitter, Pale Ale, Old Ale Lager and Blonde.