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M.H.B. Essences  (Australian Made)

Polar Bear Rum -- Like a favourite Australian Rum. This essence has less vanilla and caramel flavours than other brands Makes 2 x 700ml bottles. $6.50

Polar Gold Rum -- Like Polar Bear but not as sweet.  Makes 2 x 700ml bottles.  $6.50

Sundy Superior Rum --  May be the closes yet.  Makes 2 x 700ml bottles.  $6.50

Tandway Rum ---Like a good Philippine Rum. Makes 2x 1125ml bottles. $6.50

Beamer Bourbon---Jim Beam style. Makes 2x 1125ml bottles. $6.50

Black Jack Bourbon---A J.D. style bourbon. Makes 2x 1125ml bottles. $6.50

Blue Label Whiskey--- A connoisseurs, very old blended whiskey. Makes 2 x 1125ml bottles. $6.50

Blended Whisky---Like a refined malted scotch whisky. Makes 2 x 1125ml bottles. $6.50

Vodka---Makes 4.5lt $7.50

American Toasted Oak--$5.00

Qld Rum Oak---$5.00

We have a range of liqueurs that are pre thickened so all you have to do is add Vodka.  1125ml range - $9.00 and 2.25lt range - $10.00


Banana---Makes 1125ml. 

Chocolate---Makes 1125ml.  

Irish Cream---Makes 1125ml.  

Jaffa---Makes 1125ml.  

Kaffe Luha---Makes 1125ml.  

Strawberry--Makes 1125ml.  

Turkish Delight--Makes 1125ml.  

Butterscotch---Makes 1125ml.  

Bourbon Liqueur---Makes 2.25lt.  

Honey Bourbon Liqueur---Makes 2.25lt

Sambuca--Makes 2.25lt. 

Glycerine---350ml bottle $9.50

Easy Base---350ml bottle in place of powdered base or sugar and glucose when making liqueurs $3,50

Still Spirits - 

We stock the STILL SPIRITS range of spirit and liqueur essences. These essences have been carefully matched to their commercial equivalent in flavour, sweetness, thickness, and colour.  These products have been developed in New Zealand and have been very popular since their introduction into Australia.


TOP SHELF CLASSIC PREMIUM SPIRITS  (Makes 2.25lts) $13.00        


American Bourbon, Blue Jewel Gin, Bison Vodka, Brandy, Calypso Dark Rum, Finest Reserve Whiskey, Gin, Northern Whiskey (Highlander), Jamaican Dark Rum, London Dry Gin, Navy Dark Rum, Queensland Gold Rum, Spiced Gold Rum, Tennessee Bourbon, VSOP, Whiskey & White Rum





TOP SHELF SPIRITS  (Makes 2.25lts) $8.50

Absinthe, Apple Brandy, Aussie Gold, Aussie Red Rum, Bourbon, Caramel Vodka, Cherry Bourbon, Citrus Vodka, Dark Rum, Dry Gin, Elderflower Gin, French Brandy, Grapefruit Gin, Honey Bourbon, Shamrock Whiskey (Irish), Jamaican Dark Rum, Jamaican Gold Rum, Kentucky Bourbon, Napoleon Brandy, Ouzo, Pink Gin, Port, Rye Whiskey, Whiskey (Scotch), Tequila Silver, Single Whiskey (Single Malt), Smokey Whisky, Southern Haze, Spiced Rum, Summer Cup No.1, Tequila, Southern Whiskey (Tennessee), Vodka and White Rum.  NEW  Violet Gin and Wild Eagle Bourbon.


ORIGINAL  SPIRITS  (Makes 5lts) $8.50


Blended Whisky, Bourbon, Dark Rum, Gin, London Dry Gin, Matured Brandy, Tequila, Vodka, Whisky, White Rum and Rocky Rum.



TOP SHELF LIQUEURS  (Makes 1.125lts) $8.50 

Advocaat, Amaretto, Apricot Brandy, Black Sambuca, Blue Curacao, Cafelua, Candy Shots, Cherry Brandy, Chocolate Mint, Cinnamon Whiskey, Coconut Rum, Coffee Maria, Crème De Cacao, Crème de Menthe, Dictine,  Dry Vermouth, Grande Paris, Hazelnut, Herbal, Italiano, Macadamia Nut, Mango Liqueur, Melon Liqueur, Orange Brandy, Parfait Amour, Pastis, Red Sambuca, Reverendine, Ruby Port, Rum Liqueur, Honey Spiced Whiskey (Scotch Heather), Spiced Whiskey (Skyebuie), Swiss Chocolate Almond, Triple Sec and White Sambuca. 

TOP SHELF CREAM LIQUEURS (Makes 1.125lts) $8.50


Ambrosia Cream, Butterscotch Cream, Cappuccino, Caranilla Cream, Chocolate Cream, Shamrock Cream (Irish), Orange Truffle Irish Cream, Marula and Pina Colada Cream.


TOP SHELF SCHNAPPS (Makes 1.125lts) $8.50    


Apple, Banana, Blackberry, Butterscotch, Feijoa, Hot Cinnamon, Peach, Pear, Pineapple and Strawberry.



TOP SHELF ICON TOP UPS  (Just add alcohol.  Makes 750ml)  $8.50 


Black Raspberry Royale, Black Sambuca, Butterscotch Schnapps, Cafelua, Coconut Rum, Coffee Maria, Shamrock Cream (Irish)  (Icon cream base required), Limoncello and  Southern Smooth . NEW Rhubarb & Ginger Gin and Violet Gin


TOP SHELF VODKA SHOTS  (Makes 1lt) $6.00


Lemon Vodka, Peach Vodka, Raspberry Vodka, Vanilla Vodka and Vodka




Cream Liqueur Base--$5.00

Liqueur Base "A", Liqueur Base "B", Liqueur Base "C", and Schnapps Base--all $4.50

These are used to replace Cream, Sugar, and Glucose in Top Shelf, Willards and Edwards Liqueur Essences.

For more information on Still Spirits and Top Shelf essences, click on the Still Spirits link on the links page.

MHB Easy Base---350ml bottle in place of powdered base or sugar and glucose when making liqueurs. Makes mixing easy!  $3.50

We also stock the following essences:-  

Willards Spirits (Australian Made) $10.50 -       

Ambrosia Whisky, Queensland Rum, Highlander Whisky, Tennessee Bourbon, Ouzo, Kentucky Bourbon, Bombay Gin, Jamaican Rum, Spiced Rum, Vodka & White Rum.


Willards Smooth $10.50 -         

Bourbon, Rum and Whisky.             


Samual Willards Gold Star $8.00 -    

Big Cat, Irish Whisky, Kentucky, Lemon Vodka, Qld Own Rum, Redneck Tequila, Rye Whisky, Scotch, Single Malt Whiskey, St James Gin, Tennessee Bourbon and Wild Duck.


Samual Willards Expres$12.50

Butterscotch Schnapps, Chocolate Cream, Coconut Rum, Cherry Ripe, Chocolate Rum, Herbal, Honey Bourbon, Irish Cream, Italiano Coffee, Kaffe, Melon, Mango Crush, Pina Colada Crush, Sambucca Nero, Tripple Sec and Whisky Liqueur.


Top Dog (Australian Made) $11.00 

Rum, Single Malt Whisky, Tennessee Bourbon and Kentucky Bourbon 

Edwards Liqueurs (Australian Made) $8.50


Black Sambuca, Butterscotch Schnapps, Coconut Rum, Galileo, Ginger Kisses & Cream, Hazelnut Liqueur, Irish Cream,  Khaloola, Lucky Lychee, Meister J, Melon Liqueur, Mia Taria, Orange, Rocks Ginger Wine, Rocky Road, Rum Royale, Salted Caramel, Southern Indulgence, Wee Dram and White Sambuca.  

Edwards Spirits (Australian Made) $10.00    

Bourbon (Tennessee Style), Brandy, Gin, GB Gin, Johnnie Jogger, Mature Oak, Rum, Scrub Turkey, Tequila, Iceberg Rum, Sapphire Blue Gin, Greens Creek Whisky, Whisky (Single Malt), Shamrock Malt Whiskey. Captain Jack Spicy Rum, Jamaican Rum, White Rum, Super Smooth Bourbon, Ouzo, Cranberry Vodka, Wolfberry Vodka and Sloe Berry.     

Gold Medal $15.25 -

Glen Darroch Malt Whisky, Queensland Dark Rum, Calypso Rum, Gallahers Irish Whisky, McGregors Whisky, Bodines Bourbon and Russian Drakon Vodka.

Prestige - We are unable to stock the full range of Prestige essences. However we stock your preferred essences and are able to get the others at short notice.


Spirits Unlimited - The Spirits Unlimited range is quite extensive.  We stock-Jamaican Rum, Queensland Rum, Premium Black Rum, Premium Black Label Whisky, Premium Whisky, Smokey Bourbon and Premium Bourbon.  Priced from $10.20 - $12.20


Coral Sea - Coral Sea Rum 200ml - makes 3.5lt  $13.50,   Sunshine Gold 50ml - Makes 2.25lt  $8.50


Essencia - Walkers Whisky, Whisky, Bourbon and Kentucky Bourbon are back in stock -  Makes 2.25lt  $12.00




ALCOTEC 24 $8.50 will produce 25 litres of wash at approx 18% alc/vol in 5 to 7 days in summer and 7 to 10 days in winter. It is suitable for hot climates as it will ferment in temperatures up to 40° c

ALCOTEC 48 $8.50 will produce 25 litres of wash at approx 18% alc/vol in 5 to 7 days in summer and 7 to 10 days in winter. It is suitable for hot climates as it will ferment at temperatures up to 40°c. It is suitable for use in fermenters smaller than 30 litre as it does not produce as much froth as Turbo Express and Alcotec 24.

STAR VODKA YEAST $5.50 Suitable for a 6 kg wash.

WILLARDS 24 BOOSTED TURBO YEAST $8.50 will produce up to 18% alc/vol in 5 to 7 days.             (Australian  Owned)

WILLARDS 48 TEMPERATURE TOLERANT TURBO $8.50 will produce up to 18% alc/vol in 5 to 7 days.  (Australian Owned)

STILL SPIRITS have developed  an  exceptional variety of yeasts for high alcohol brewing. There is now a yeast to suit all requirements.  All Still Spirits yeast have or will be changing their names.  They are still the same

STILL SPIRITS FAST TURBO $8.50 is the latest addition to the range and is proving to extremely popular. It will produce 25 litres of wash at approx 18% alc/vol in 5 to 7 days and will work up to 34ºc.

STILL SPIRITS  CLASSIC 8 TURBO  $8.50 yeast will produce 25 litres of wash at approx 18% in 7 to 10 days. For optimum results it should be kept at 25ºc Turbo Extra yeast is most suitable for the cooler months.

STILL SPIRITS PURE  $8.50  Suitable for a 6 kg wash.

STILL SPIRITS HEAT TURBO   $7.50 produces 25 litres of wash at 13% in 3 to 4 days. It is most suitable for hot climates as it will ferment at 40ºc.

Still Spirits Turbo Clear  -  $5.00

Alcotec Turbo Klar  -  $5.00